SEPAL Brazil

February 27 2024

Servindo aos Pastores e Lideres

Office Location: Vila Andrade, São Paulo, Brazil 

Telefones +55- (11) 5523-2544 | (11) 3744-9775 

(11) 99590-3381 – VIVO

SEPAL Brazil is a contemporary ‘platform organization,” a great service option for the Brazilian church to host relevant ministries and send missionaries who will reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In addition to serving the church in Brazil and caring for pastors, SEPAL currently has ministry in ten countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

SEPAL ended 2023, hosting 119 missionaries, 74 in Brazil and 45 serving in eleven other countries, leading several relevant projects.  One example, Josué and Raquel Campanhã, as SEPAL missionaries, developed ENVISONAR. This ministry trains and develops tools for pastors and ecclesiastical and corporate leaders, directly serving 407 churches and impacting 651 thousand leaders in person and online.  That is what we mean by the term “platform organization,” a ministerial base from which various ministerial initiatives in Brazil and worldwide can flourish to the glory of God.

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