Outreach Canada

February 29 2024

Outreach Canada

Office Location: Delta, British Columbia, Canada



(+1) 604-952-0050

Outreach Canada has been serving Canadian Leaders and making disciples in Canada since 1984. Ministry has focused on serving the Canadian church, but our ministry flows across boundaries through our various partnerships and ministry networks.  Our principal ministries fall into the following categories:  

  • Diaspora Ministries: We work with diaspora churches and lead two established national diaspora ministry networks (Loving Muslims Together and Simply Mobilizing Canada) and with churches, ministries, and institutions in diaspora research and outreach.  A third network focused on scripture-based trauma care for refugees is emerging.
  • Member Care: We have developed a partnership and co-op with around 40 mission-sending organizations to provide excellent member care and resources for Canadian missionaries and their families. We also work with local churches and mission pastors to coach healthy relationships with missionaries and their families.  
  • BetterIt Workplace Chaplains - A growing network of chaplains in the public workplace and training for churches and individuals who want to provide a chaplain-like service in their communities.  
  • Disciple Multiplication - Our team focuses on making disciples through traditional methods and DMM models. We help lead a movement in Nepal and China and are working toward Discovery Bible Studies in every electoral district of Canada.  
  • Canadian Churches: We provide support and resources to help strengthen the church in Canada and to promote disciplemaking. We come alongside leaders for coaching and relational support. 

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