SEPAL Guatemala

February 29 2024

Servicio Evangelizador Para America Latina

Office Location: Mixco, Guatemala, Guatemala 



SEPAL arose during the end of the 1970s in response to the accelerated growth in the evangelical church, rooted in Guatemala’s devastating earthquake of 1976.  By 1983, SEPAL was an established legal association and is now a mobilization center as part of the OC Global Alliance.

The Main ministries of SEPAL Guatemala are:

  • PEB: Continuously training pastors and leaders in their context over three years.
  • SWAT: Support foreign groups to serve the national church in various ways.
  • ELI: Trains and provides resources to Sunday School and Vacation Bible School teachers.
  • JOSHUA: He impacts street youth with sports and walks and works serving in chaplaincy.
  • Missionary Mobilization:  Prepare the local church to carry out the Great Commission everywhere.

In 2023, SEPAL Guatemala reached 2,473 people with training and evangelism.  Relationships were also developed with 43 churches and ministry institutions in ministry planning and development.  SEPAL assisted thirty churches in carrying out their ministry.  In addition, they collaborated on three translations of ministry material for the church.  The Team also has cross-cultural ministry in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

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