OC Ministries - Taiwan

February 29 2024

Office Location: Taichung, Taiwan.


OC Taiwan Is our oldest team, having started in the 1950’s and expanding from Taiwan to other countries around the world at the invitation of national leaders. 


OC has always sought to encourage, mobilize, equip, and train national churches, organizations, and sports leaders toward evangelism, discipleship, and mission. Not that OC Taiwan is only sports, but the team’s two remaining members in 2023 were sports ministry specialists. So, we are heavily engaging in sports ministry. We held a national sports conference that interested many church leaders in sports ministry. We have created a new organization called Taiwan International Sports Association (TISA). TISA has the long-term goal of seeing a sustainable sports ministry in Taiwan.

 The group has had great enthusiasm, and many have planned sports outreaches. TISA has helped churches organize several youth basketball leagues. Pastor Chen was invited to train all the Lutheran churches on launching fitness and discipleship ministries. TISA is becoming a beacon of sports ministry and helping unite churches in several cities. 

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